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Bold Gold Kennel - About Us / Profile

For as long as we can remember we have always had a variety of dogs and always loved them as part of the family. 

Our specific interest in pugs, began with Pooky, a black pug.  Although she wasn’t show quality, she was a very good and loyal dog and that’s what started us looking at ‘show-quality’ dogs.

It wasn’t long before we took the step and got two male pugs, Amigo and Albano.  These black and fawn ‘show-quality’ dogs completed the Indonesian Champion before they were two years old.

It was during a visit to Mr. Agus Budiono’s Golden Retriever kennel in Temanggung, that the beauty of show-quality Golden Retrievers stunned us. 

Those eye-catching Golden Retrievers stayed in our minds, and we decided we had to have one.  When we approached Mr. Budiono, our timing could not have been a better, he was closing down the kennel and only the best two of his Golden Retrievers remained, both 4 years old, home bred brother and sister.

We took one of them, Dolly, back to our home in Semarang and she later became our foundation bitch. To this day Dolly is still one of the best local Golden Retriever bitches with a strong head that even many males cannot match!  She is also very gentle and beautiful with good front angulation and exceptional hind angulation.

A month later we paid another visit to Mr Budiono’s kennel. Dolly's brother, Duro, was still there and he was very happy to see us. We think he may have picked up Dolly's scent on us, and was missing his sister.  We made the decision there and then to take Duro and were rewarded by seeing how happy he was to see his sister.

On her second show with us in Surabaya, Dolly completed her Indonesian Champion. At that time we were introduced to Mr. Dedy Tjahjono, one of Indonesia’s best handlers and groomers. Since then Mr. Dedy Tjahjono has played an important role in the development in our kennel, and even now he continues to teach and nurture us about many things in the dog world.

With Mr. Dedy Tjahjono’s help we acquired another foundation bitch, Luna (Blue Lagoon Gold Legend). With his expert eye, he could pick a very good bitch even at only 3 months old. Luna's head is not as strong as Dolly’s, but her movement is extraordinary. She got a couple of Best in Show in Ciater and Surabaya while she was only 10 months old. At the age of 18 months, she completed her Indonesia Grand Champion.

Back to the pugs……although our homebred, Aurora, achieved Top Pug 2011, we took steps to improve our pug quality by importing several pugs from Thailand. We have 3 females from Star Gooseberry kennel, and a male from Wrinkle kennel. The first imported female was Star Gooseberry’s Chateau de Versailles, when she was just 7 months old. A very beautiful and compact bitch, she became Top Pug in 2012. Then we imported Star Gooseberry’s Live in Venice while she was 3 months old. A very happy pug with excellent movement, she achieved several Best in Specialty Shows, which awards her Top Pug 2013.

In 2013, because of the way we looked after the first two females, Mr Nattapong Pianchalangek, the owner of Star Gooseberry kennel, offered us Star Gooseberry’s Princess of Blue Diamond "Kaolamtad" to be our foundation bitch. We only bred her once to Kor.Th.CH. Unlimited Edward Scissorhand, which was a very strong in-line breeding.  We plan to breed Venice in 2015

Although we really cherish every moment and every process of the babies from their birth onwards, we limit our program to a maximum one litter every year, for both golden retrievers and pugs. In 2012 we bred a golden retriever, in 2013 we bred pug, in 2014 we bred golden retriever again…..so on and so forth.

Every moment from their birth, to opening their eyes, starting to walk, starting to run, to practicing for the show ring, gives us joy. Our dogs are part of the family, so the hardest part of the breeding program is when we have to let go of the puppies, that's why we are very disciplined and responsible in the way we breed.

Our preference is to always let them go to friends (or people recommended by our friends), who will love the puppies as family members. However, in "Litter by Litter" section, you will notice that mostly we keep the puppies, so our family is getting bigger every year!

That's a glimpse of our kennel......hope you enjoy this website.



Bold Gold Team

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